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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Our Families

These are our families. There are 8 kids in mine. I, Doug, am the oldest. I am followed by Wendy, Becca, Russell, Amy, Neil, Jennie, and Hannah. They are all good kids. Matt and Dorothy are our parents.

Quick note on the kids. I am in Texas attending chiropractic school. Wendy is in Rexburg, Idaho working with hooligans, Becca is attending the Y of I and is doing something with teaching. Russ just got his mission call to the Adeliene Australia mission. He leaves in October. Amy is in high school. She is a sport stud. Neal is in Jr. High. He is pretty tough(for a girl) and likes wrestling. Jenny is our fashion guru. She is so hot. Hannah is the baby. She is very funny and has a quick wit. Matt is our fabulous father. He sells fertilizer, pesticides, and stuff like that to farmers. Dorothy is our lovely mom.

This is the other half of our family. Bruce and Mindy are the proud parents of Derek and the amazing, wonderful, gorgeous Emily. Derek is serving a mission in the Baltimore, Maryland mission. Bruce is a forensic accountant who enjoys working in the yard. Mindy is a talented artist who draws and makes really cool dolls. And of course there is the amazing Emily. She is finishing up her masters degree at TWU. She just got hired at Travis Middle School in Irving. She is such a good wife and friend.


We got married August 20th of last year(2005). It was a wonderful day.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Our fun blog!!

We are just beginning. We will get back soon!!