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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby bump

Pregnancy update: I am now 18 weeks and feeling great! (Well, today I am sick, but that is enabling me to be at home posting on the blog!) Plus, I am even showing! Here is a picture of the baby "bump" from over the weekend.We will find out what we are having on February 6 - and I am definitely finding out! For now, I am spending time scouting websites, reading my pregnancy book, and slowly but surely working on a baby quilt with fabric that I got in Idaho over the break. And eating! Yay for not being nauseous all the time!

The infamous BBQ building

Who is that scary man with the blowtorch? That's Todd Parker, our wonderful friend of three blocks away. We are at their house at least three times a week I would say. He and Doug got the, how can I put this lightly, interesting idea of *building* their own BBQs out of scrap metal. Even though they have grills and smokers, now they will each have a half-ton monster of a wood smoking grill. Much time has been spent welding in Todd's backyard, and here are a few pictures of the progress. However much Jen (Todd's wife) and I rib and question them about this, I'm sure you will all be jealous one day of their fabulous bar-b-q creations.

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Just to embarrass you!

This is my lovely mother. We were trying to get a picture that she would approve for her facebook profile. Of course, my mother has no idea how lovely she is, and thus she spurned all attempts. But, I have to showcase her nonetheless. Mom, I am so grateful for all your loving encouragement recently! It really brightens my day to talk to you, and I wish I could see you more often!
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Family pictures (in the freezing cold)

The Falkes took on the task of family pictures over Christmas break. Smiles gleaming, cameras flashing, Doug poking everyone around him (the pest of an oldest child that he is) was definitely an adventure. But, we got some good ones.
(Becca! Why did you close your eyes?!)
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Christmas in Idaho

We spent Christmas in Boise with Doug's mom's parents. The whole fam-dam-ily was there and it was a lot of fun! Well, except for the traveling. Austin to Dallas, Dallas to Houston, Houston to SLC (flying), SLC to Provo, Provo to Pocatello, Pocatello to Boise...and then basically backwards coming home. I was ready to be in my own house and out of all that yucky SNOW! However, it was beautiful to look out the window Christmas morning and the softly-falling snow and admire the beauty of the God's world. Until I had to go outside.
Here is wonderful Hannah with Cindy, Doug's grandpa's 12-year-old pomeranian that bit me. I stopped trying to pet her after that.
I love my in-laws. Dorothy and Matt Falke are amazing people who have raised (and are still raising) an amazing family. I appreciate all their love and support through our time together!
Here I am with Becca, Russ, and Amy. It was fun to see Russell now that he is home from his mission to Australia! He's as crazy as ever. ;) And Becca, wonderful Becca, is now engaged to Rob Somers! Congratulations!!!!!
And Doug will continue to perfect the sweet potatoe-pecan pie. I have yet to try any of the three that he has made, I believe. Maybe next time.
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