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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mo-Mo, Memo, or Horsey

I've had some requests for more pictures of Cosmo (Doug calls him Mo mo and I tend to call him Memo. Why? I don't know.) Here he is! I think these pictures show off just how huge he is better than the other ones we have of him on the blog so far.
He really is very sweet and lovable. Just about everyone who has met him so far thinks he's the coolest dog.
He is definitely a daddy's boy, though.

Coming Along

Here are some pictures of how the office is coming along. The top ones are the latest pictures. This is of the frame for the drop ceiling that will hang over the reception and waiting area with some fancy lights.This shows the hallway and the two sides of rooms (starting behind the waiting/reception area and the PT bay). On the left are two treatment/exam rooms, a consultation room, and the Xray room in the back. On the right of the picture you see the kid's area and two treatment rooms (with the half walls separating them).
This is taken from the waiting room. You can see the PT bay on the left side before the full rooms start.
This is how it looked after the first couple days of construction - just some wall frames. As you can see from the other pictures, it is coming along really well! Plumbing and electricity are in now, but it doesn't look a lot different from the other pictures as far as structure is concerned.
So, it's pretty hard to understand what everything will look like from just pictures, because angles are weird and stuff. So, you'll all just have to come down and see it for yourself sometime! :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Derek and the dogs

My brother, Derek, got home from the Baltimore, Maryland Spanish-speaking mission about a month ago. Here we are at the temple in Dallas. He is working at home for the summer, and then he will be back at BYU for the fall, continuing studying chemical engineering. Ladies, let me know if you want some contact info! :)
And what would a posting session be without including some pictures of the puppies?

Live Oak is (almost) alive!

Things are happening for the business! The sign got put up yesterday, doesn't it look fabulous! Doug is pretty happy about it.
This is the inside of the practice as it stands. Build-out should start any day because the permit has been pulled and materials have been ordered. Very exciting times!

End of School