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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mo-Mo, Memo, or Horsey

I've had some requests for more pictures of Cosmo (Doug calls him Mo mo and I tend to call him Memo. Why? I don't know.) Here he is! I think these pictures show off just how huge he is better than the other ones we have of him on the blog so far.
He really is very sweet and lovable. Just about everyone who has met him so far thinks he's the coolest dog.
He is definitely a daddy's boy, though.


Just Tera said...

my kids are STILL talking about him. Very sweet dog.

Coppell RS said...

This is Janika. I created a blog for Coppellians past and present. It has links to everybody I could find. Check it out!

My husband wants a gigantic dog. What breed is yours?