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Sunday, September 30, 2007

New baby

Is it just us, or does Sherman not look too happy? I think he's a little jealous, but they look like they are having fun together so far. Look how much bigger he looks compared to her!
Sweet little girl!
Time for bed - what a big day!
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sherman - older

He wandered under Doug's feet at the wrong time - we were making some cookies. Too cute to pass up taking a picture, though.
He is starting to look a lot more like a dachshund instead of a little puppy. He grew a really long nose!
It's funny looking back at older pictures because he's gotten so much bigger in the last month. He weighs 7.5 pounds now, is super long, and is not as fluffy as he used to be.
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Some Sherman - younger

Here are some super cute pictures of Sherman that are a little long in coming (sorry)! These are from a couple months ago (we just got some new batteries for the camera).
This is "sit pretty" - one of the tricks Doug has taught him.

He usually has an ear flipped back, no matter how many times I flip it back over!
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