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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hair cut for Sherman

Our little Sherman is a long-haired dachshund. He has only been groomed once, and his hair was getting pretty long (especially the hair around his bum; he was bound to start getting dingleberries soon). He is always tracking around pieces of grass and leaves in his hair. Plus, it's going to get warm soon, and he'll be really hot. And, I wanted to see if he was really fat or if he was just poofy. So, I finally convinced Doug that he needed a hair cut. Doug tried to trim him with his clippers, and they quickly died. However, we got some animal clippers (which Doug will now use to cut his hair), and gave him a hair cut. Here is a "before" picture:

And here is an "after" picture. No, not the prettiest hair cut, and not what I was expecting. But it gets the job done! I don't know why Doug trimmed the hair on his back legs and not the hair on his front legs. He still needs some trimming. But he's still very soft and looks much smaller than he used to.
And here is the hair in the bath tub where Sherman patiently sat for his hair cut.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Update: 23 weeks

Here I am at 23 weeks. I'm getting bigger and a little more achy. Need to exercise more. Plus, I'm quickly running out of pants - thanks to Mom and Grandma to the maternity clothes rescue! :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We're going to have a....

GIRL! Hah! I made you open the screen, all you Google Reader Blog followers.Yes, last Friday I had my 20-week appointment, and we found out in the sonogram that we are definitely having a girl. This was no surprise to either of us - I *knew* this baby was a girl, and I already know her name. Jane Afton Falke. I have strongly felt like being named for my maternal grandmother and Doug's paternal grandmother would be a blessing for this little girl. It was a very exciting appointment to say the least. Here are a couple of the sonogram pictures...
Okay, I know that sonogram pictures are pretty freaky and a lot of people would rather just think about the baby that will come out rather than how it looks right now. I'm one of those people too. But the lady doing the sonogram SWEARS the baby was "smiling", and I'll believe it.
And of course, Doug was very happy to see a nice, healthy spine. :)