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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Goofy Dougy

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Some goofy shots

We also have a lot of fun during the photo shoots with Chad. Unlike other photographers that force you into uncomfortable or cheesy poses, he's really easy to work with.
I was picturing seahorses and stuff...

Heisman winner?
Okay, so Jane doesn't *try* to be goofy, but it comes across that way sometimes.
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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A white backdrop is pretty cool

We actually took the pictures in a church against a white backdrop - pretty cool, huh?

(Hello, we're in Texas...)
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More pics from the shoot

Chad's website is and his blog is - he will travel for assignments!

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The COOL pictures!

We have a great friend named Chad Wright who is a photographer and marketing dude. He is extremely talented and we are happy to have had a couple photo shoots with him. At the end of October we had a shoot as a family. I am going to put up a few posts with pictures.
We brought all the dogs for a few pictures. If you saw our Christmas card, you saw that we only featured Cosmo, our Great Dane, on it. Unfortunately (for us), the little dogs have gone to live with my parents for the time being. I say unfortunately for us because I think it is great for them (and for my parents). They need a lot of love and attention, and they can get that now. With a nice backyard without crummy St. Augustine grass to boot. It was strange to go visit my family last weekend and see them there, but it was good. And they keep my parents company now that we are here in Austin and my brother is back at college.

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A new year and a big baby!

Jane is getting soooooooo big and wonderful these days. Here are just a few pictures to start. She is now six months old, and I haven't gotten her to the pediatrician yet to see how she stacks up against the competition, but we're all pretty sure she's at the top of the charts, seeing as how she is transitioning from 9-month to 12-month clothes.
Happy little girl (most of the time).
She spends a lot of time screeching these days and she is using her voice to practice lovely little babbling sounds.
She is also very strong! She sits on her own, scoots herself backwards and rotates in a circle - thankfully no forward motion yet, although we can tell it is coming soon.
No teeth either - but yay for HAIR!
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