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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Jane's SUPER specialty

Being beautiful and sweet and the light of my life.

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Jane's specialties 2

Getting bigger! She weighs at least 15 pounds now...remember how big her blessing dress used to be on her? Now it's a perfect fit.
The hooded towel is getting a little small.
And she is filling out her bouncy chair as well as all her clothes. What am I going to do?!
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Jane's specialties 1

Chewing on her hands! At any one time, the odds are pretty good that some part of one or both of her hands are in her mouth.

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Jane's tricks 4

Hanging out on her tummy! She likes to hang over the boppy; she will stay there much longer than if she is just on her tummy. She even started trying to scoot this morning! Oh dear - she will be mobile before I know it!

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Jane's tricks 3

Okay, this one I've only seen three times - rolling over! Twice happened in quick succession when I was trying to take pictures of her on her tummy, like this one:
But then she started tipping...
And before we both knew it, she was on her back again.
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Jane's tricks 2

Jane also holds things! I don't really have many pictures of that because she just started doing it more recently. Here she is with a rattle, but her little chewing rings are also a hit as of last night and this morning - I don't know if she likes it when they are cold though.
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Jane's tricks 1

Jane is really growing up! I can't believe it! She now sits up pretty well with a little assistance. I think she really likes to be held so that she is sitting up, so she is getting lots of practice working those core muscles!
The boppy is a good place for her to sit usually. She needs the support around her sides or she just falls over.

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