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Friday, March 20, 2009

Sewing projects

I have been having fun with different sewing projects to get ready for Jane's arrival. These were all done with my fabulous mom's help! Below is a "hooter hider"/nursing cover that we made from a pattern we found online. Here is the website with the instructions if you are interested:
I have been working on a quilt from fabric that I bought in Boise over Christmas, and we finally got it tied and finished this week as well. It's just a quilt to lay on the ground for the baby to play on. I really loved the fabric. I realized this week that one thing I truly enjoy is picking out fabric for different sewing projects - quilts especially. I'm not so good at sewing them yet, but I'll get there.
My mom had to make the sling because I was too scared to make a mistake and have something come loose with the baby in it. Again, we found a free pattern with instructions online. Here is the website for that one: The sling is brown twill reversible with the beautiful floral fabric below (we wanted to see if it actually worked so we stuck Maggie in it).
And here's me at 26 weeks!
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