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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Conference Center

We also took a tour of the Conference Center, since Doug had never been inside before. It's such an amazing building! You really can't tell how big it is if you just see it on TV. He really loved the landscaping on the roof. It's too bad that the fountains were being cleaned at the time and were not on. Our tour guide told us that the building designer was worried that the fountains on the roof would eventually leak into the building, but President Hinckley really wanted them. So, he put the largest fountain right over the pulpit, so if it leaked President Hinckley would be the first to know! :)
Here is a shot of us on the roof with Temple Square in the background.
Here is a picture I took of Doug with some of the landscaping in the background...
And here is where I was standing with downtown SLC in the background!
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