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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Here is a wonderful quote that makes MY life seem easier to take a lot of days...just wanted to share it with you!

Now we must ask why the Savior, why came to show us the perfect example of holiness and submission to the Father, would want us to know that this suffering caused "even God, the greatest of all to tremble because of pain...and would that I might not drink the bitter cup, and shrink..."(D&C 19:18). There are at least three reasons he wanted us to know of his desire for escape, and they have a lot to do with honesty in our own prayers. To begin with, when our mortal weaknesses cause us to waver in our duties, to shrink form our responsibilities and wish we could find an easier way, we can remember that Christ also had those same feelings.Jesus wants us to understand that there is neither shame nor disgrace in feeling tired or wanting to quit or hoping to escape the challenges we encounter. Not as long, that is, as we endure to the end and continue to pray, in spite of our feelings, "nevertheless, not my will, but thine be done."

Secondly, Jesus was not denied the help for which he asked. An angel appeared , "strengthening him," helping him to remain steadfast and true to his covenants (see Luke 22:43). We should realize that when fear, discouragement or weariness is pulling us away from our duties we too can pray and receive divine assistance to remain faithful to our callings and duties. Joseph Smith counseled us to abandon our pride in those times of wavering or weakness, admit our needs and ask for help to stay faithful: "Help thy servants to say, with thy grace assisting them: thy will be done, O Lord and not ours" (D&C 109:44). We must remember that Jesus Christ had to call to his Father for help, that there is no reason for us to feel ashamed when we follow that perfect, divine example.

And finally, a third message of this sacred account is that we must be totally honest with God in our prayers. The Savior did not try to fake the garden experience. He was in agony with unfamiliar feelings of shame and guilt and punishment for sins he did not commit. To his great alarm, he found himself afraid and shrinking from his duty, looking for a way to escape (D&C 19:18). But he was honest and humble enough to tell his Father exactly how he felt. He certainly did not want to waver, so he asked for help. When a person is hurting and his commitment is weakening, he should say so in prayer. Urgent prayer. Immediate prayer. We must not allow foolish pride to try and hide our feelings from God. He already knows how we feel- and he understands. He did not condemn Jesus, nor count his wavering as sin. Rather he sent sent help to strengthen his son's resolve and keep him in the line of duty, and that is exactly what he will do for us when we are honest and submissive in prayer. Satan cannot defeat us on this battleground as long as we trust Heavenly Father enough to be open and honest in our prayers. Putting on the Armor of God Stephen A Cramer pg 76