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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Corpus Christi - Texas State Aquarium

One morning, we went to the Texas State Aquarium. It was a fun way to pass some time (especially because our innkeeper has a corporate pass that got us in for FREE), and we had a good time. Here are some of the highlights of the animals we saw there.Porcupine - huge! And, quills aside, very sweet-looking.
Some giant snake - I believe a python? Pretty gross.
The underside of some kind of ray when he swam up against the glass. There was also a touch pool where you could feel them as they swam by. Kinda slimy.
The dolphin show - more educational and showy, but very cute.
Jellyfish - where you want to see them (enclosed in a glass case, not swimming next to you in the ocean).
We saw a very entertaining bird and wildlife show. The gal leading it was very funny, and it had a particularly funny part involving a child volunteer. She had someone come down who was "very brave", and then talked up the next animal like it had done some serious damage to the last volunteer. The kid, wearing big leather falconer gloves, goggle, and a construction helmet, was getting more and more worried the longer she talked. Finally, he threw done his gear and ran back to his seat. It was just a sloth! Very funny.
We saw right underneath the perch (precarious for Doug and the camera), and this hawk flew right above us!
Look at that! Two whales! :)


Thurbs said...

Oh my gosh my long lost cousin Emily. It's Aubrie. I heard that you had a blog but I've never been able to find it, but I found it today. Hooray!!! How ya been cousin?

Janika said...

Wow, you've managed to get in 3 blogs since I last checked in. That whale comment was a naughty lie.