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Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Heeeerrrrre!

Here we go people! Doug opened Live Oak Chiropractic last Tuesday. We appreciate all your prayers and patient referrals. :) Here are some pictures of how things turned out:
1. Our large iron-wrought branches, the hallway, and the treatment area (with a little of the mural)
2. The 8'x6.5' mural that *I* picked out (gorgeous, huh?) on the main wall (**I had to take this picture out because Doug was stressed that it was crooked, and now blogger doesn't want to let me upload any more pictures. I'll try again tomorrow.**)
3. The watermark vinyl tree on the outside (ignore the messiness inside) - the design from the business cards for those who have seen it (Thanks again to Aaron Canaday for designing the stuff.)
4. The painted mural in the kid's area, done by a local artist. It's a reprsentation of the TX Hill Country (beautiful place that it is) with bluebonnets, animals, hills, and the very cool barbed-wire fence
5. The waiting room as it looks now (we still need to get some end tables put in) - chairs and the rug
6. The sign lit up at night
It's a work in process, so there will be more in the future. But, it's clean, organized, with equipment and such, and ready to roll!