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Friday, June 26, 2009

Baby Jane!

Here are some more pictures of baby Jane that we took yesterday - when she was four days old! She's already five days old! That's so crazy. We are doing well and somewhat falling into a routine. This little one is truly the light of my life and I love her so much. Okay, I can't go on (even though I could) because I will sit here and weep for joy rather than type (and typing time is limited)!

Since we left the hospital after 24 hours, we took her to the pediatrician the next day and everything checked out just fine! She is lovely and alert with those big blue eyes at times and she sleeps wonderfully sound at others. I am so grateful that my mom is here helping out. She is taking care of so much around the house while I rest and feed Jane, and Doug is of course wonderful with her. That won't come as a surprise to anyone that has seen him around children. He is already a great father - he got a good start by first being one on Father's Day! Best Father's Day gift ever!
This one is my favorite of the ones we took (thanks for the dress, Lyndsey!):
So tiny! And yes, there's an audience watching in the background. I think the dogs are getting used to her. Cosmo is indifferent, Sherman tried to lick her and can sit right next to her without a problem, and Maggie is, well, curious. Very curious. They have officially been demoted to "pets" in my mind and not babies.

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Anonymous said...

Baby Jane:
Nanny & Pop love you already. We are glad you have your little furry "Guardian Angel" watching over you as well as your mom and dad and grandma and grandpa Bush.

Holli said...

Oh she is so the little fingers and toes! She's beautiful Emily :)

Tiana said...

So cute!

Jo said...

I couldn't help but "aaaawwww!" though the whole post! She's beautiful!

Natalie said...

Congratulations! She is darling! Hope you are getting lots of rest. And make sure you give that sweet baby girl lots of kisses. I am a firm believer that a baby can never be kissed enough. :)

Ruth said...

She's beautiful, Emily! Congratulations.
And I still LOVE the name.

Cindy said...

How precious! Thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful daughter! Glad you are both doing well!

RachelFlores said...

Emily, your baby is beautiful, congratulations!!! I really like her name too.