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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Christmas in Cali part 2

One of the great things we did while we were in California was take a day trip out to Monterrey. Oh, lovely ocean! It was great. I was brave enough to do cross some water to get out to a small island. At least I did NOT fall into the water, and Doug and his sure-footed siblings (Russell, Amy, Neil, and Hannah) carried Jane on the adventure.
See? Look at that craziness. It was COLD, too.
It is so beautiful. I guess we were actually in Pacific Grove, a place I would love to live. Can you imagine walking out your front door and seeing this? Temperatures between 40 and 70 all YEAR? I think of it as heaven on earth. It's just a little expensive though. And it's in California (no offense, but that's not a smart choice right now).

Jane with Amy and Hannah (it was bright; Amy doesn't just make strange faces).
Jane with Hannah.
Jane pulling Russell's hair.
And Neil with his starfish. It was crazy to see that as a living creature. I think I touched it but didn't hold it; I was too scared it would suck onto me or something.


Holli said...

Gorgeous pictures!! I love Pacific Grove... one of my fave spots :)

Agnes said...

Doug! Your baby is beautiful! How are you guys? Where are you living? I love that I found your family blog! take care!:)

We are @

Meredith said...

see, there are some things about Cali that are better than Texas!! just kidding, your hometown is always where it's at. even if you DID happen to have moved to an even better state;)