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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pretty girl

You might notice a little scratch on her face above. Stupid Cosmo. Our Great Dane jumped ont he bed when he was not supposed to. :( It is truly sad when they get little ouchies, but I am so grateful that nothing worse happened than a big scare and a scratch on the face!
Not going to be able to keep the windows open when she is around!
We found one thing that Jane will always chase down - my mom. We were at my parents' house this last weekend, and whenever my mom got up to go into the kitchen, Jane was soon crawling after her. It was so sweet!

That beautiful little blue outfit above is a size 18-months! Most of her normal clothes are 12-months now. At her six-month check-up, she weighed 21.3 lbs. and was 29 in. long - above the 95th percentile in both height and weight! She is a big, healthy girl, and we are so grateful.
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Holli said...

Wow! She's really grown! What a cutie :)

Sharalea said...

She's growing TOO FAST!! How can you stand her gorgeous face--! She is beautiful, you are doing an amazing job, Emily!

Lori said...

She's so cute, Emily! I love the pictures... it's crazy how she's starting to turn into a little girl! Still baby... but you can start to see a little girl! :D