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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Some fairly recent pictures

I know, it's been a long time. But, here is an update on Jane with some recent pictures! My most recent crop, a nice bunch of like 60 pictures, got deleted from my camera card during a computer crash! Grrrrrrr! But, Jane being the only child and all, we have LOTS more to choose from. :) (C'mon, you know you did it too.)
So here is the scoop on Jane - as of Sunday she is now eight months old. Crazy! Time has really flown. She is now crawling everywhere and getting into everything, including not always sitting still for pictures (as you can see above)! This last weekend she also began to pull herself to standing, and now she does that all the time. I just hope she doesn't start walking soon! She is growing up too fast for me.
She has some lovely ashy blond hair now, not long enough to do much with so we stick with headbands and bows for accessories. However, no teeth have decided to show themselves yet.
She has discovered all the fun things she can do with her mouth and she makes wonderful little funny faces.
See, it's not because she didn't like her peas. She is eating baby food now, all kinds of fruits and vegetables with some rice cereal and oatmeal mixed in.
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Holli said...

Oh she is so sweet!

Shelly said...

Cute Little Girl. She has grown up so much. I seems like you just had her. I remember her sitting in the little baby stroller at Ambers house.