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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blessing Dress

While Doug's mom was visiting, she made a beautiful blessing dress for Jane (the bonnet from the ealier post goes with this). We didn't get any pictures of her wearing it on her actual blessing day - I know, but I was too scared she would poop on it or something to leave her in it for very long - so I took advantage of her good mood yesterday and put it on her again to get some pictures. The good news is that it is still pretty big on her, so when she's a little older she can wear it again to a special occasion (or just to get more pictures).
The hem of the dress is actually the edge of the fabric - it worked out really well.
My beautiful little sweet pea.
She makes the cutest faces sometimes! You can tell her little arms are flailing around in that bottom one - photo shoot mood over!
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Holli said...

I've tried posting this several times...sorry if its repeated....

the dress is stunning and she looks gorgeous in it... very cute!!