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Friday, July 17, 2009

Bonnet time!

Doug's mom made a beautiful blessing dress for Jane as well as this bonnet. Yes, I need to get her back in her dress and take some pictures of it. Will do that in the next photo shoot. However, I discovered an obsession with bonnets thanks to a pattern that I found at the fabric store. You may be wondering, "When are you going to have time to make bonnets?" I'll find it. They are way too adorable to let this baby time go by without them. So, I have to get Jane used to them (How would that be if I made them and she hated wearing them?), so we wear this one for a little while every day. It's a little big on her still.

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Holli said...

Very cute, I think she's gorgeous in that :)

Amber said...

Cute! I think it's great you give her "bonnet time" so she'll be used to them, very funny!

April Hardy said...

That's awesome! Bonnets are going to come back now! My mom gave me a bunch of my old baby dresses that had matching bonnets but I never got around to putting them on Autumn. I felt they were too outdated. But good for you! And its smart to get her used to them!